How to Connect PostgreSQL Database with Netbeans

Make a database in Postgres(PgAdmin)

1 . Open the PostgreSQL(PgAdmin).

2. First, Expand ‘Server‘ Option(When you will open PgAdmin, You will find a ‘Server’ option)


then PostgreSQL Version (e.g PostgreSQL 9.6).


3. Here you will find multiple option. Now, If you want to create a new Database then right click  over ‘Database‘ option and write the name of your Database (You can write anything) and click finish  and then expand it.

Otherwise, You can use the Database which is already present in database ‘postgres‘.


4. Now Expand the Database where you will get multiple menu out of which Expand Schema menu. Here, You will find a option of ‘Public Scheme/ Public‘ Expand it. Now go to the Tables menu, You will find that no table is present at that time because till now we didn’t created any table.

For this click on SQL and write the code to create a Table.

Screenshot (163).png



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